McConnell Will Stay Up Way Past His Bedtime for the Doomed Keystone Bill


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is threatening to hold the Senate open until midnight tonight if Senate Democrats will not cease their objections to the Keystone bill.

“Some of our colleagues on the other side continue to filibuster the motion to proceed to this bill. All senators should know that we will get on this bill today and begin the amendment process — either this afternoon by consent, or shortly after midnight without consent,” he said.

Given that the president said he will veto the legislation, and given that neither the House or Senate will be able to override the president’s veto, what McConnell would like you to interpret as a valiant effort to reach bipartisan consensus is really just a stunt.

It’s possible that you may wake up tomorrow morning and find that the Senate has passed the Keystone bill, but it will not become law.