Me Too

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was reported to be resigning this morning, then reportedly fired, and then nothing happened and he's still the deputy AG.

New York Magazine reports that this was a deliberate attempt to change the subject from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh being a serial sexual predator.

“The strategy was to try and do something really big,” the source said. The leak about Rosenstein’s resignation could have been the result, and it certainly had the desired effect of driving Kavanaugh out of the news for a few hours.

The story didn't even last a few hours. More like one hour. This story literally died in the time it took me to get lunch.

Meanwhile, former Trump campaign staffer Jason Miller is out as a pundit for CNN following a report that he spiked a woman's smoothie with an abortion-inducing drug after learning she was pregnant. Trump only picks the Best People.

Finally, John Oliver took a close look at Facebook's dangerous foreign policy last night and how the platform was used to spread hate and justify ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.