Government Shutdown Weather

Meanwhile, This is Happening

Capital police aren’t the only ones putting their lives on the line without pay today.


Hurricane Hunters, the men and women whose duty is to fly planes directly into tropical storms, are flying today without pay because of the GOP Government Shutdown of 2013. And not only are they flying without pay, they’re also flying short handed because of sequestration.

Meanwhile, FEMA employees who have been furloughed by the Republican government shutdown are being hastily called back to the job to prepare for Karen.

Why are capitol police, Hurricane Hunters, and many other essential personnel working without pay? Because the Republicans don’t want you to have healthcare. And because Speaker of the House John Boehner is too afraid of his own caucus to bring a clean continuing resolution up for a vote.

There is currently no end in sight for the GOP Government Shutdown of 2013 which began on Tuesday, October 1st. Essential employees such as the Hurricane Hunters have been working without pay since then.

The Gulf Coast is currently under a hurricane watch while a storm surge of between two and four feet is expected between Louisiana and Alabama.

(map via TWC)