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Measles is Finally Great Again

Written by SK Ashby

The measles virus has finally been made great again according to the latest reports from state and local health departments.

The number of measles cases reported in 2019 has already set a new record for the highest number of cases since the virus was officially eliminated according to CNN.

(CNN) -- Measles cases in the United States have surpassed the highest number on record since the disease was declared eliminated nationwide in 2000.

Overall, there have been 681 measles cases across 22 states this year, according to CNN's analysis of data from state and local health departments. [...]

Previously, the highest number of reported cases since elimination was 667 in 2014.

What may be most the most alarming fact about this is that we're only in the fourth month of the year.

The previous record of 667 cases identified in 2014 includes the entire year, not just the first four months.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), transmission of the measles virus increases during the late winter and early spring so it's possible we will not see as many cases diagnosed in the coming months. But with that said, the risk of transmission remains.

Let's hope this year's measles scare will convince more parents to vaccinate their children before the next season.

Vaccines do not cause autism. Vaccines are not a globalist plot to turn your kids into gay socialists, although that would be nice, wouldn't it?