Meghan Tisinger

Posted by JumpyPants

So you probably know that the President has lifted the ban on press and cameras at Dover Air Force Base. Great news, right? Finally, after over 8 years, we are admitting through imagery, which is far more potent that words, that this war is killing and maiming thousands upon thousands of Americans.

But Meghan Tisinger's not happy about it.

From the AP, via TPM:

"This is a complete disregard for the will of America's military families and the need for their privacy during this solemn moment," said Meghan Tisinger, spokeswoman for Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission.

How could Meghan Tisinger dish out this mendacious slop and believe that anyone would actually buy it? Who, I wondered, is Meghan Tisinger? The Google tube would have me to understand that she shares the name (including the post-g "h") of a Meghan Tisinger who was a spokesperson for defeated GOP Congressman/convicted drunk driver Randy Kuhl. And this isn't the first time Meghan Tisinger has spoken out as a spokesperson regarding the Iraq war and the troops. Follow me after the jump for more about the mysterious Meghan Tisinger!

So according to the Washington Post, it seems that a couple of years ago, Rep. Kuhl was getting a lot of war protesters outside his office. And the Congressman, who once pulled two shotguns on his wife at a dinner party and threatened to shoot her (this was in 1994, three years before he was busted and convicted of drunk driving, and before he divorced the target of his shotgun aim -- ah, family values!), said that in response to all these anti-war protesters he had:

"thought about packing"

Packing, as in heat. Meaning, his response to anti-war protesters was to start carrying guns in case, you know, one of these people who wanted to stop the war needed to, uh, get shot. By Randy.So this gets reported, and Randy dispatches his spokesperson to throw some water on the fire he's started, and that spokesperson is, yes, Meghan Tisinger!And man, does she deliver:

"That comment was taken way out of context," the spokeswoman, Meghan Tisinger, told the Sleuth.She said when Congressman Kuhl told the Democrat and Chronicle editorial board that he had "thought about packing" - he was just joking. (Get a sense of humor, people!) "It was one of those sarcastic, offhanded comments," she said.Plus, Tisinger explained, Kuhl was joking about arming himself in the context of increased security on Capitol Hill in light of the approaching anniversary of 9/11.

Shooting Iraq war protestors? HILARIOUS! See, it was just a JOKE! Like when he pulled those shotguns on his wife and threatened to shoot her! A JOKE! And I guess the judge in the divorce proceedings didn't get the gag, but really, it was a JOKE! Oh, and also, this comedic genius Kuhl is so fucking HILARIOUS he can loop in a reference to the HILARITY of 9/11!But if we didn't have Meghan Tisinger to stand up for the families of dead troops/interpret the comic stylings of shotgun-wielding drunk Randy Kuhl, we'd all be in the dark, thinking it was good to tell the truth about dead troops and it was bad to threaten unarmed pacifists and/or wives.Thanks, Meghan Tisinger!