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MEMBERS ONLY: It’s Not About Trig Palin Standing on a Dog, It’s About Sarah Palin Not Getting Why It’s Bad

This isn’t about Trig Palin. There are few things more awful than attacking the family or children of public figures — unless, of course, they, too, are public figures then all bets are off. But Trig isn’t, so anyone who’s attacked him isn’t worth paying attention to. This is entirely about Sarah Palin, one-time vice presidential candidate turned professional troll, who routinely exploits her children as a means of both trolling and augmenting her personal brand as a “Mama Grizzly,” whatever the hell that’s supposed to prove.

In case you’re just now unwinding from the holiday break, Palin posted a photo on Facebook of Trig literally using one of the Palin dogs as a step stool — it wasn’t “Ronald Wilson Reagan” the dog (yes, they named one of their dogs “Ronald Wilson Reagan”), it was the other one. Evidently their female dog is named “Jill Hadassah,” and if my theory is correct, her name trolls liberals. Or, at least, it sounds like trolling. I’m pretty sure the dog is named after Jill Biden and Hadassah Lieberman. Get it? A female dog named after Democratic wives? Classy. Anyway, here’s the postCONTINUE READING

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