Michael Moore Won't Let Go

Yesterday, Tommy Christopher noticed the following tweet from Michael Moore about the thoroughly debunked "Obama/DHS is Conspiring to Destory Occupy Wall Street" rumor:

This double tap of OccupyLA & OccupyPhilly by our new militarized police force I’M SURE has NOT been coordinated by anyone in DC. No way!

Michael Moore has lost his shpadoinkle. In spite of the fact that the Naomi Wolf story about Homeland Security conspiring to kill Occupy encampments was debunked by the original source, Rick Ellis, nine days before Wolf wrote her tall tale, Moore continues to cling to Wolf's conspiracy theory.

Christopher writes:

This is the kind of logic-proof statement that makes people ignore everything you say, and frankly, marginalizes the people Moore is supposed to be lending his support to. There are already plenty of other people eager to fill that job.

The idea of a federal crackdown on the Occupy protests has created a minor schism among liberals, with the sane ones pointing and laughing at the likes of Moore and Naomi Wolf.

I have no problem with people questioning authority, or being skeptical of the “official story,” but you can’t just replace the official story with whatever you can pull out of your ass.