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Mick Mulvaney is Out of the Loop

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

While it was certainly inappropriate, among other things, I was not necessarily surprised that the Trump regime did not inform congressional leaders before conducting the raid to kill former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but another party much closer to Trump was also not informed.

NBC News reports that Trump's own damn chief of staff Mick Mulvaney was kept out of the loop.

Mulvaney was at home in South Carolina when President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday night that “Something very big has just happened!” He was briefed on the raid that night, officials said. [...]

Andrew Card, former President George W. Bush’s longtime chief of staff, said the exclusion of Mulvaney from a moment of such magnitude in the presidency is difficult to grasp because the chief of staff typically would be in national security meetings leading up to it and tasked with coordinating with other top officials on everything from a communications strategy to a plan in case the raid failed.

“I’m baffled by it,” Card said. “It’s hard for me to imagine."

Recent reports that Trump has been shopping for replacements for Mulvaney just gained a lot weight, I'd say.

  • muselet

    “I’m baffled by it,” Card said. “It’s hard for me to imagine.”

    Donald Trump doesn’t believe he actually needs a chief of staff, which is why I think he won’t bother to replace Mick Mulvaney—acting chief of staff, never forget—when he finally kicks the little toady to the curb. Trump will either appoint one of his spawn or act as his own chief of staff.

    What could possibly go wrong?


  • jimtowndem

    i wonder when mulvaney will be indicted as that seems to be the fate of most of his ex staff

    • Draxiar

      I wonder if Mulvaney will remain a lickspittle servant of trump or if he’ll spill the beans when he is eventually indicted. Here’s the thing, at some point people who work for trump get sick of trump and his browbeating tactics. So their inclination to protect him is damaged…at least it would be for many. Agent Orange has yet to learn that you never mess with the people that serve you.