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Minuteman Co-Founder: It’s Okay to Call for Gasing Immigrant Children

Jim Gilchrist, the co-founder of the Minuteman Project who is planning to revive the group and begin patrolling the southern border next Spring, expressed sympathy for a woman who said immigrant children should be killed in gas chambers during an interview on VCY America’s “Crosstalk” radio show.

via RightWingWatch

“We need to put them in a prison camp or a building and not give them any help, just lock them up with arms behind them, or otherwise we are going to put them in a building and gas them to death like they did in Germany, we can’t put up with this,” the caller said.


“I understand that lady’s angst and her resignation that we are no longer a nations of laws,” Gilchrist said. “She sees we are no longer a nation of laws.”

He continued: “Maybe the conduct du jour now is fight lawlessness with lawlessness, and if we are going to have a Congress and a president and a mob of illegal aliens who are going to snub their nose at the law, why can’t this lady feel the same way?”

Gilchrist insisted that the woman must have been simply using a metaphor and didn’t really want to put kids in gas chambers, but judging by the audio it sounds fairly serious.

I will also say, however, that this woman sounds genuinely terrified and if she’s really that terrified it’s probably because she’s been horribly misled by men like Jim Gilchrist who, rather than correct her, expressed support and said we may need to fight “lawlessness with lawlessness.”

There’s no excuse for calling for the death of immigrants regardless of how old, misinformed, or frightened you are, but men like Gilchrist and his ilk in the conservative entertain complex prey on low information voters and feed their anxieties.

Rather than use their status as public figures to set the record straight, they fan the flames and lead people down an ugly path. They are the real villains.

Jim Gilchrist may be coming to a border near you. What could go wrong?