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Missouri Governor Indicted, Republicans Blame George Soros

Written by SK Ashby

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (R) was taken into custody and charged last night for what could be described as creating revenge porn.

The charge -- felony invasion of privacy -- stems from an affair he had with a woman who he took photos of without consent and the details are much worse than that sounds by itself.

The encounter between Greitens and the woman, who knew him because she cut his hair, allegedly took place in the basement of the Greitens family home, where Greitens told her he was going to show her how to do a "proper pull-up."

The woman described how Greitens allegedly tied her to exercise equipment, blindfolded her, and pulled her pants down before photographing her. She told her ex-husband that she could see a camera flash through the material covering her eyes.

Greitens released his own statement last night in which he described local St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner as a "reckless liberal" and now the state Republican party has released their own statement.

The State GOP's statement implies that Kim Gardner is some kind of Jewish sleeper agent.

Just in case they delete it, the statement begins by claiming that Kim Gardner has "received more than $200,000 from George Soros groups."

Let's be perfectly clear: the idea that a Jewish septuagenarian holocaust survivor is personally funding a vast conspiracy to control the courts and the media is pure antisemitism. It is literally an accusation fascists used to justify the holocaust.

The far more simple explanation is that Eric Greitens is a sick fuck who is responsible for his own actions.