Election 2012

Mitt Romney Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

This is hilarious. Romney is pissed at the Democrats for apparently taking his words out of context in a kickass new video:

Baier: I'm sure you've seen these ads, using videotape of you in previous years, speaking on various issues.

Romney: Uh-huh.

Baier: It seems like it's in direct contrast to positions you take now.

Romney: Well, I'm glad that the Democratic ads are breaking through and you got --

Baier: Jon Huntsman has a couple ads that do the exact same thing.

Romney: There's no question but that people will take snippets, things out of context, and show there are differences, which there are not. I'd change my mind regarding abortion. I'm pro-life. I did not take that position years ago. That's the same thing that respected with george bush and others in the pro-life movement.

Just last week, the Romney campaign admitted to taking the president's words out of context -- they were proud of it.