Election 2012

Mitt Romney is a Lying Liar

This particular lie just won't die.

“I know that the Democrats will try and make this a campaign about Bain Capital; … 25 million people are out of work because of Barack Obama. And so I’ll compare my experience in the private sector where, net-net, we created over 100,000 jobs.”

“I’ll compare that record with his record, where he has not created any new jobs.”

Uh. Yeah.

Here's Factcheck.org:

The truth is that the stimulus increased employment by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million people, compared with what employment would have been otherwise. That’s according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Oh, and by the way, in other contexts, Romney will insist that presidents don't create jobs -- only the private sector creates jobs, they say.