Election 2012

Mitt Romney Reaches New Low in Electability

I never thought we would reach a point where a GOP frontrunner makes a John McCain candidacy smell like roses, but we've reached that point.

The un-safe and un-electable Mitt Romney has overwhelmingly higher negatives than any presidential candidate in recent history.

Favorable/ Unfavorable
Barack Obama (1/12/08): 65/30
John McCain (1/12/08): 61/31
John Kerry (3/7/04): 54/26
G.W. Bush (2/27/00): 49/39
Al Gore (2/27/00): 50/40

Mitt Romney's favorable/unfavorable rating? 31/49 according to the latest ABC/Washington Post poll. Half as favorable as either John McCain or President Obama was four years ago.

Why are Mitt Romney's negatives so high? Because despite being the supposed inevitable nominee, most Republicans do not like him nor do Democrats of Independents.

Romney's favorability among independents has dropped 35 percent since the beginning of the primary season. He is paying dearly for his hard-curve to the right to win the nomination.

This is not a case for complacency. On the contrary I advocate kicking him while he's down.