Election 2012

Mitt Romney Still Not There Yet

Romney won five larger states (he barely won Ohio). Santorum won three smaller states (and almost won Ohio). Gingrich won his home state of Georgia.

And -- good news -- this looks likes it will continue to go on and on.

[Romney's] rivals want it to continue. Rick Santorum spoke before the race in Ohio had been called, saying, “This was a big night tonight lots of states. We’re gonna win a few, we’re gonna lose a few, but as it looks right now we’re gonna get at least a couple of gold medals, and a whole passel full of silver medals.”

At the very least, the results will almost certainly keep Santorum in the race for the indefinite future. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who switched his allegiance from Romney to Santorum last month, the closeness of the race gave Santorum a serious shot to turn things into a clear two-man race — much to his surprise.

Don't you quit, Rick Santorum. There's so much more damage to be done to your party. Yeeeehaw!