Epic Fail

Moment of Derp

Rick Santorum is back in today's Moment of Derp again and, for efficiency, it's for the same reason he made the cut last time.

Rick Santorum said Monday that comments he made last week in Iowa about food stamps that some construed as racially charged were the result of his having been tongue-tied and were not a reference to black people.

Moreover, he said he has done more in black communities “than any Republican in recent memory.”

He maintains that he did not say “black” people’s lives but rather stumbled verbally when he was trying to say “people’s lives” and uttered a short syllable that came out as “plives.”

"Plives?" I thought he said "Bluh." At least, that's what he told Bill O'Reilly last Thursday.

"Bluh" was almost believable. "Plives" certainly isn't.

Ironically, if Santorum had simply stuck with his original statement of "I don't want to make black people's lives better [with welfare]," he might be finishing 3rd or 4th today rather than last. Racism nets more traction than speech impediments, unfortunately.

The good news is, everyone can go back to never seeing him again after today. At least until the next election where he competes for last place again.