Epic Fail

Moment of Derp

So I got this green bag right here. And I filled it up with the black market light bulbs. And I brought them back to my office here in the Capitol. Whenever I need to put a bulb in the lamp, I reach in this green bag and I screw it in there and smile. A little bit of my liberty back. A little bit of our freedom back. And I want to challenge you to do the same thing. Bring back some of that liberty, some of that freedom. -Rep. Steve King at CPAC

Is this what they mean when they talk about "taking our country back?" "Black market light bulbs" in a green tote-bag? Freedom filaments!

Representative Steve King is of course referring to his life-or-death battle against the Bush Administration's (George Bush signed it into law) tyrannical regime of energy-efficient light bulbs which includes a ban on using incandescent bulbs in government offices. An inescapable horror!

Some things are simply beyond parody. Derp.