Epic Fail

Moment of Derp

Representative Gohmert Pile (R-TX) warns us of the consequences of the Supreme Court upholding the individual mandate.

"It ought to scare liberals to come run and join conservatives, because what it means is when this president's out of the White House and you get a conservative in there, if this president has the authority under ObamaCare … to trample on religious rights, then some redneck president's got the right to say, 'you know what, there's some practices that go on in your house that [cost] people too much money and healthcare, so we're going to have the right to rule over those as well,'"

According to Louie Gohmert Pile, the risk for liberals in the Supreme Court upholding the individual mandate is that we will eventually have another Republican president, and this Republican president, who will undoubtedly be a redneck, will consequently possess the authority to seek revenge on Democrats by regulating your household activities

I'm sure Gohmert doesn't view banning smoking in your own home to be an affront to liberals any more than it is to conservatives, so I'll just assume he's referring to creating anti-sodomy laws or perhaps banning the consumption of Arugula.

What else is a "redneck president" to do?