Moment of Derp

Breaking News -- Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is a raging idiot!

Huckabee made an appearance on Fox and Friends yesterday morning to give his expert opinion on who should replace Tim Geithner as treasury secretary, and his choice was nothing less than mind-boggling.

On Saturday morning’s “Fox and Friends”, Fox host and former Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee suggested that the Obama administration should replace embattled Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner with Donald Trump. He justified the unorthodox suggestion by saying that the president needs “a game changer” in the position and that Trump should take the job for 90 days and transform U.S. economic policy.

Donald Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times since 1991, and his most recent achievements include proudly committing real-estate fraud against a foreign dictator and taking the helm of the Birther movement.

This is the man who should take control for 90 days and "transform" the economy?

Why don't we also hire the Cookie Monster to rewrite the nutritional guidelines for school lunches?