Open Thread

Moment of Derp

Does Michele Bachmann really expect us to believe this?

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann appeared on The Tonight Show Friday evening, trying to explain her husband’s “pray the gay” comments and therapy on same sex marriage.

Host Jay Leno was perplexed by that phrase, seeking to find any understanding on it. “Well that whole ‘pray the gay away, I don’t get that,’ Leno said.

Bachmann offered a peculiar reply. “Well see, when I heard that, I really thought it was like a mid-life crisis line,” she said. “‘Pray away the gray,’ that’s what I thought it was.”

Prey the grey away? A mid-life crisis center?

Either Michele Bachmann made a very tasteless and insensitive joke, or she's a complete idiot. Well, she is a complete idiot, but I'm not sure if this is a joke and if she's actually making light humor out of praying away homosexuality.

Praying it away using Medicaid funds, I might add. Big, socialist, federal government taxpayer money.

I think her candidacy is done.