Election 2012 Ethics

Money Well Spent

Not that he’ll be held accountable for anything, but it looks like Karl Rove wasted even more money in 2012 than previously reported.

ProPublica on Monday documented how the Karl Rove-linked dark money group Crossroads GPS spent about $11 million more on political activities in 2012 than it disclosed to the Internal Revenue Service.

By comparing tax documents, ProPublica’s Kim Barker showed how even though Crossroads justified its social welfare non-profit status by pointing to $35 million in grants it made in 2012 to other non-profits, “at least $11.2 million of the grant money given to the group Americans for Tax Reform was spent on political activities expressly advocating for or against candidates.”

This would be a good time to remind you that virtually every cent Karl Rove spent in 2012 was wasted. He didn’t win a single race he advocated for. The point of this latest revelation, however, is that Rove’s Crossroads may have violated the laughable threshold for social welfare non-profit status.

That makes me laugh every time. “Social welfare.” Ha!

I encourage all conservative mega-donors to pledge more money to Karl Rove.