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Monsanto Buys The Climate Corporation for $930 million

Because climate change is a liberal hoax perpetrated by poor people trying to turn us all into socialism! Monsanto recently purchased The Climate Corporation for nearly a billion dollars.

Via Think Progress:

The Climate Corporation is a financial services company that collects weather and climate data from 2.5 million separate locations, and then combines that data with 150 billion soil observations and multiple forecasts from major climate change models to determine risk analysis for farmers for a given period of time.


Monsanto, a company known for its widespread use of Genetically Modified Organisms, including Roundup Ready crops, is hoping that that data — all 50 terabytes of it — will help them determine how extreme weather events will affect their farmers’ crops.

And they’re just doing this now?! The Farmers’ Almanac is in for a bumpy ride.

As climate change and violent weather patterns replace centuries’ worth of relative predictability, or as oceans continue to acidify and warming waters continue to kill off coastlines, I can tell you what their readings will say and what advice they’ll be giving to farmers of the world: Run!

It’s no wonder The Climate Corporation sold out. They’re in over their heads.