Moral Mondays In North Carolina

It’s easy to forget sometimes through the fog of right wing hate that there are liberal religious groups and labor unions in the trenches that quietly move Heaven and Earth for social justice:

RALEIGH, North Carolina — To little national fanfare, the largest liberal protest of 2013 took place on Monday this week in North Carolina, with thousands in attendance and hundreds getting arrested.

For weeks, faith leaders in the Tar Heel State have gathered every Monday to give voice to women, the poor, and other groups under attack by the Republican-held legislature.

92 year old Rosanell Eaton was among those who showed up, bravely, while her daughter spoke about why she was there:

“What brought her out was the possibility of requiring voter ID. She was required when she was 21 years old to repeat the preamble to the Constitution in order to register. She did it! She didn’t even know she had to do it, she was just smart. They would yank you around back in those days. She was valedictorian of her class, she knew all that stuff. It’s what she had to go through. She thought things were smooth sailing. She’s seen the good, bad, and the ugly. Now she’s seeing the ugly again. She fought for civil rights, she was a civil rights worker, and now she sees that it’s going backward.”

Think Progress has the photos from “The Biggest Liberal Protest of 2013.”