More of the Same

House Majority Shitkicker Eric Cantor was scheduled to give a speech today concerning income inequality, but he flew a white flag after learning that members of the public would be able to attend.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is abruptly pulling out of a scheduled Friday lecture on income equality at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, according to the school.

Progressive and labor groups, including Occupy Philadelphia,, the local AFL-CIO, and AFSCME, were planning a protest for the event. According to CNN, Cantor cancelled the speech over what he claims was a decision by the school to open the event to the public, preferring to instead keep attendance limited to students and faculty. Cantor was also concerned about “reports” that the university was working with protestors, CNN says.

Don't get your hopes up. Eric Cantor was not prepared to repent his sins and commit himself to correcting the astonishing income inequality in America.

ThinkProgress shares with us an excerpt from his prepared remarks.

There are politicians and others who want to demonize people that have earned success in certain sectors of our society. They claim that these people have now made enough, and haven’t paid their fair share. But, pitting Americans against one another tends to deflate the aspirational spirit of our people and fade the American dream. I believe that the most successful among us are positioned to use their talents to help grow our economy and give everyone a hand up the ladder and the dignity of a job. We should encourage them to extend their creativity and generosity to helping build the community infrastructure that provides a hand up and a fair shot to those less fortunate.

We shouldn't pit Americans against other Americans, like the Tea Party does, and we should continue to rely on trickle down economics and the Job Creators™ to pull us out of this deep hole we're in.

This was Eric Cantor's big idea for reversing the trend of growing income disparity. More of the same.