More Progress on Marriage Equality

There's a outdated notion floating around that African Americans are mostly opposed to same-sex marriage -- or at least they're more opposed than most Americans to a point where the president might lose some African American votes because of his support for marriage equality. But the latest polling doesn't show that.

54 percent express a favorable view of his position on the issue in this poll – suggesting that, for some, allegiance to Obama may have prompted a rethink on the issue itself.

This up from 41 percent support in mid-2011. Simultaneously, here are the polls broader numbers on the issue:

All told, 46 percent in this ABC News/Washington Post poll express a favorable impression of Obama’s statement in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts last week that he personally has come to support gay marriage, while 47 percent respond unfavorably. That includes a 10-point tilt toward “strongly” negative rather than strongly positive views, 38 percent vs. 28 percent.

And there you go.