More Reasons to Dislike Jay Leno

I think Jay Leno is positioning himself as the Fox News Channel of late night talk show hosts. Here are several recent Mediaite headlines:

Leno Mocks UN Ambassador: Petraeus Mistress ‘Had More Information On Benghazi Than Susan Rice’

Jay Leno Rips President: ‘Good News For The Economy… Obama Is Out Of Town’

Jay Leno Takes Shot At MSNBC: ‘Economy Is So Bad MSNBC Had To Lay Off 300 Obama Spokesmen’

Jay Leno: Obama Reinstates ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy… For Questions About Benghazi

I have column coming up on Monday about the MSNBC thing, but regarding Leno, I thought jokes were supposed to be grounded in some sort of truth. The only people attacking Susan Rice were Fox News Channel, AM radio and John McCain -- and now, Jay Leno for some reason. I suspect it has something to do with Letterman's recent emergence as an outspoken liberal, combined with Leno's natural tendency for unfunny, easy hackery.