More Shameless Attacks on People Who Can’t Defend Themselves

Last week, Republicans on Facebook and elsewhere jumped all over a video Drudge posted of a random women on the street talking about receiving a free "Obama Phone." A couple of things before debunking this nonsense.

First, what's the point, Republicans? Honestly. Is there some sort of phone entitlement crisis that's bankrupting the nation? Oh wait. I think I know. Welfare queens and layabouts demanding handouts. I get it.

And now, the debunking. There is, in fact, a non-profit free phone program called SafeLink Wireless that offers phones to low-income households -- with a whopping one hour of free call time per month. Wow! Lavish! And when did this program start? In 2008 before Barack Obama was president. Additionally, it's not even funded with tax-payer money. Meanwhile, subsidized phone services for low-income Americans goes all the way back to 1984. I believe Reagan was president at the time. "Obama" has nothing to do with any free phone program.

Additionally, conservative anti-Obama crackpots are going after the president's late mother, Ann Dunham, in the worst way possible.

For a while now, pictures purporting to show Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, modeling in 1950s bondage and fetish porn have been floating around the darker corners of the Internet. Now, though, they’ve made their way into a pseudo-documentary, Joel Gilbert’s Dreams From My Real Father, which is being mailed to voters in swing states, promoted by several Tea Party groups and by at least one high-level Republican. At the same time, Dinesh D’Souza’s latest book, Obama’s America—the first of all his works to hit the top spot on The New York Times bestseller list—has a chapter essentially calling Dunham a fat slut. [...]

What matters here is not that a lone crank made a vulgar conspiracy video, one that outdoes even birther propaganda in its lunacy and bad taste. It’s that the video is finding an audience on the right. Gilbert claims that more than a million copies of Dreams From My Real Father have been mailed to voters in Ohio, as well between 80,000 and 100,000 to voters in Nevada and 100,000 to voters in New Hampshire. “We’re putting plans in place, as of next week, to send out another 2 [million] or 3 million, just state by state,” he told me.

There's a special place in hell for whomever is peddling this awfulness.

Once again the Republicans have brazenly attacked political non-combatants. This time, in addition to a woman who died decades ago and can't defend herself, it was a heretofore anonymous woman -- a nobody -- who appeared to be unaware of what was going on. And Drudge plastered her face above his logo for the gawking, cackling amusement of Republican thugs and bullies who routinely like to attack people who aren't involved in the every day political discourse. What's next, Republicans, you honorable tough guys? Mugging homeless people?

  • nathkatun7

    Lets call a spade a spade: a great many of GOP right wingers are pure evil. And if they profess to be Christians you quickly realize that they are frauds who know absolutely nothing about what it means to be a true Christian. At no time did Jesus Christ ever attack the poor so as to support the rich. In fact anyone who has studied the New Testament knows that Jesus did the opposite.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    The right has descended into cartoony evil. Except we’re not laughing at them.

    • They make Simon Legree look like a great humanitarian.

  • These people are the most despicable people on the fucking planet. They commit the most horrendous acts, then giggle and preen as though they’ve done something great.

    Hideous human beings…. FUCk these creeps!

  • Racial resentment is the point, same as the welfare lie.

  • The baseness of these people is shocking! They truly lack any sort of humanity.

    • It really is shocking. It’s like they’re not even part of the same species.

  • zirgar

    On a related note, I love how right wingers say Obama and the Democrats are engaging in class warfare by attacking the wealthy. Now, for the sake of argument, let’s say this is true. What does it show us? It shows us that when Democrats engage in class warfare they at least pick on someone their own size, unlike the GOP, who targets the poor, sick, elderly, unemployed, and the like. Just more bullying and whining from the right. It’s sickening and pathetic.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Of course, if you ever mentioned the bushCo history with Nazi Germany (a fact for many “industrialists” of the era) you were un-American. Same with discussing his service record (the set-up of Dan Rather squashed that for good).

    When all you have to offer is selfishness and greed, you feed them crap that will distract them AND make them feel superior.

  • JMAshby

    What’s next, Republicans, you honorable tough guys? Mugging homeless people?

    Been there. Done that. They mugged people with trickle-down and turned them into the homeless.

    • mrbrink

      And just try getting a job with no phone, moochers! try getting healthcare without a job. Try staying healthy without food, healthcare, and a job!

      Republicans think that if they just do away with whatever they don’t like it will cease to exist. They fill the void left by free market failure with nothing and “freedom.”

      Welfare? End it as we know it!

      Voting? End it as we know it!

      Healthcare? Find an emergency room! Medicaid is “states’ rights!” and budget holes aren’t going to fill themselves when there are still so many tax cuts to give to corporations. End Medicaid as we know it!

      Education? Abolish the teacher’s union and dismantle public schooling as we know it!

      Unwanted pregnancies a problem? End abortion as we know it! End Planned Parenthood as we know it!

      Food not safe enough? Water getting cloudy? End regulations as we know it!

      Climate heating up? End science as we know it!

      There’s no problem too big for Republicans to end as we know it.

      Polls showing your party is in trouble? End traditional polling as we know it!