Democratic Party

More Pain

Regardless of who won or lost yesterday, every day this battle continues is a good day for the Republican chances in the general election. Senator McCain is now the presumptive nominee for the Republicans and, while he's cajoling the far-right of the party and shoring up that wing, the Democrats and by proxy those of us arguing and spitting at each other over the merits of our candidates could be turning what used to be an historically exuberant primary nominating process into an irreparably damaged Democratic Party in November.

Every day that passes, Clinton people are accusing Obama people of hating women and displaying Clinton Derangement Syndrome, and Obama people are accusing the Clinton people of being throwbacks to the '90s and unelectable against McCain, and all the rest of it. For several months early in the year... this isn't a problem. But lasting into the Summer... it's not good. Just... not good.

I can't help but to think that the DNC is considering some serious options here for the good of the party. They have to step up at some point and throw their considerable weight around (think cash) because if this goes to the convention, as more and more people are suggesting, John McCain is the next president.