Moron in Chief Calls for Massive Tax on American Consumers

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Mexico is going to pay for the wall, right?

No, they're not. In fact, if Trump has his way, Americans will pay for it at the grocery store.

PHILADELPHIA — President Trump plans to make Mexico pay for his border wall by imposing a 20 percent tax on all imports into the United States from Mexico, raising billions of dollars that would cover the cost of the new barrier.

Mr. Spicer said the 20 percent tax on annual Mexican imports would raise $10 billion a year and would easily pay for a border wall that is estimated to cost between $8 billion and $20 billion.

Let's state the obvious here: Trump probably has no fucking idea what this means. I'm sure it sounds good to his child-like lizard brain, but this is a tax on American consumers, not Mexico.

Moreover, Trump doesn't actually have the power to do this himself. Only Congress can impose taxes or tariffs.

Is our Republican-controlled Congress prepared to raise taxes on virtually every person and business in the country? Those tomatoes and avocados you eat during the winter did not come from your local farm. Half the parts in your car were imported from Mexico.

Trump reportedly made this "decision" while flying on Air Force One, so he was probably eating McDonald's. Even they import products from Mexico.



These are the same thing.

Everyone in the White House is a fucking idiot, especially Baghdad Spice.

  • muselet

    President Trump plans to make Mexico pay for his border wall by imposing a 20 percent tax on all imports into the United States from Mexico


    Spicer tells me 20% tax on Mexican imports is NOT a policy proposal, but example of options how to pay for wall

    are mutually exclusive. The second statement is not a clarification, it directly contradicts the first.

    Could some enterprising reporter who just doesn’t give a monkey’s any more please ask Sean Spicer if he was lying the first time or the second? Thanks in advance.


  • Aynwrong

    Trump is an idiot.
    His voters are idiots.
    His entire staff is made up of idiots.
    The media they all listen to is teeming with idiots.

    How about a musical selection:

  • Yeah, I think it’s going to be amazing how quickly things are going to go to shit. It’s already gone faster than many anticipated.

    • Scopedog


      Of course, Private Hudson said it best:

  • Scopedog

    What a fucking idiot. Good Christ…

    But always remember, we saw this coming a mile away, but for some…it had to be this:

    This is going to make America “great” again if you translate “great” as “great fucking disaster”.

  • Georgie

    drumpf is delusional.

  • Spot on title, spot on analysis.

    Next election I’m voting for the meteorite.