Mueller Subpoenas Manafort’s Banks, Businesses

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The Washington Post reported yesterday morning that FBI agents working for special prosecutor Robert Mueller conducted a pre-dawn raid on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's home in Alexandria, Virginia. The New York Times also reported that FBI agents were searching for foreign banking records.

According to Bloomberg, investigators working for Mueller have also subpoenaed Manafort's companies and banks that have done business with him. And, as with previous reports, these avenues of investigation appear to be aimed at turning Manafort into a witness.

Mueller’s team of investigators has sent subpoenas in recent weeks from a Washington grand jury to global banks for account information and records of transactions involving Manafort and some of his companies, as well as those of a long-time business partner, Rick Gates, according to people familiar with the matter.

The special counsel has also reached out to other business associates, including Manafort’s son-in-law and a Ukrainian oligarch, according to one of the people. Those efforts were characterized as an apparent attempt to gain information that could be used to squeeze Manafort, or force him to be more helpful to prosecutors.

I'm very curious to know what they think Manafort knows. If they believe he could be more valuable as a witness than a perp, what information do they believe he has?

Manafort has always struck me as a man who knows where the bodies are buried. Perhaps literally.

  • mnpollio

    You mean if we make it to another decade and Trump has not started nuclear annihilation!

  • muselet

    Charlie Pierce:

    Manafort always was the key. The guy made a career lobbying for really terrible people, eventually (and inevitably) lobbying for really terrible people connected to the crooked Russian oligarchy. The FBI’s forensic accountants must be looking at his books the way that the Leakeys looked at Olduvai Gorge. My guess is that, very soon, it will reach the point at which Manafort would roll on the Archangel Gabriel to keep from spending several centuries in jail.

    My guess—and Pierce’s, if I’m reading between the lines correctly—is that Paul Manafort was the Trump campaign’s primary go-between with the shadowy Russians who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton—as well as the ones who hacked the DNC’s email system—and that he got paid well for his efforts. That puts Manafort in what is known in legal circles as “deep doo-doo.”

    The Trump administration appears to be worried about Manafort, because at roughly the same time the FBI was knocking on his bedroom door, the National Enquirer (unofficial State Media, Print) ran a lurid cover blurb accusing Manafort of sexual improprieties.

    If the future of the United States—and the world—weren’t at risk, all of this might be wildly entertaining. Perhaps in a decade or so, we’ll be able to look back and laugh and laugh.


    • Badgerite

      If I were Manafort I would stay away from balconies and proffered cups of tea. And I would trust Mueller before anyone else.

      • muselet

        On NYPD Blue, Andy Sipowicz was examining the body of a decapitated man whose head was in his lap. Quoth Sipowicz: “You don’t often encounter this method of suicide.”

        Don’t know why that came to mind just now.


      • Christopher Foxx

        Suddenly I’m concerned for Manafort’s health.

        Republicans always accuse others of doing that which they themselves do. Their secret meetings to “fix” Obamacare being only the latest example of them doing exactly what they (falsely) accused others of doing.

        I’m now thinking of all the times they falsely accused Clinton (either one) or Obama of having had someone killed.