Calling All Indie Musicians!


As part of our Tuesday-thru-Friday gab sessions about politics, we're also featuring YOUR MUSIC on the show.

Instead of giving the major labels more publicity and money, we thought we'd go right to the musicians themselves -- specifically YOU.

Whether you're a struggling indie recording artist or if you're on a label already but want to broaden your audience, this is the place to be. The free Tuesday and Thursday shows are downloaded on average around 20,000 times each during the month in which they premiere, so this is far from a dead end.

And we'll take any genre of music: rock, alternative, prog rock, pop, hip-hop, rap, electronica, trance, folk, you name it.

If accepted for the show, each time we play one of your songs, whether just a clip or the entire track, we'll direct our thousands of listeners to your website, your Spotify, your iTunes, your Bandcamp or wherever new fans can buy your albums, complete with links in the descriptions below each episode of the show. We can't guarantee huge record sales, but we can break the ice for you, and who knows what'll happen next?

And if we play your music once, we'll probably play new tracks or repeat the existing tracks. So everyone who makes the cut will get more than one shot at wowing our listeners.

Best of all, it costs you nothing!

Use the form below to submit your music. Please do not email files directly to Bob unless requested. Any unsolicited file attachments will be deleted due to the potential for viruses. By submitting your music, you give The Bob Cesca Show the royalty-free right to play and discuss your tracks in any podcast produced under the The Bob Cesca Show banner in perpetuity or until a written termination notice is received by the show. In the event we receive a termination notice, The Bob Cesca Show retains the royalty-free right to keep your tracks in the previously produced episodes as well as any compilations, digital albums, promotional materials, demos, or any other derivative works involving clips of the show. Also, by submitting your music, you are confirming that the music is your intellectual property. And that's it!

Now... let's play some music.