Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Stuart Carlson)

In other news, Johnson & Johnson claims their coronavirus vaccine, which could be approved in the coming weeks, is only 60 percent effective against preventing infection but 100 percent effective against preventing death and hospitalization.

Meanwhile, the FBI says pipe bombs planted at the RNC and DNC during the attack on the capitol were actually placed there the day before; suggesting advance planning.

Finally, British officials say China has -- checks notes -- eroded trust in international trade.

Trade minister Liz Truss, who is in charge of building Britain’s new trade links around the world following its exit from the European Union, made the comments at a World Economic Forum online panel event titled “Fixing International Trade”.

“Some of the behaviour by China on areas like forced technology transfer, subsidies by state-owned enterprises, and also IP (Intellectual Property) violations have led to some of the mistrust in the global trading system,” she said.

“People can see things are unfair, that if state-owned enterprises are able to subsidise and able to undermine free enterprise economies, then that can destroy trust in trade.”

I'm just saying, maybe Britain they should sit this one out. They just left behind decades of membership in the European Union because they hate immigrants from the mainland.

State subsidies for British firms was literally a sticking point during Boris Johnson's negotiations with the EU over the past two years. They can be right about China and still be wrong.

Have a good weekend.