Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, the White House has told state governments that their next shipments of coronavirus vaccines will be slightly larger than expected.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the CDC found that about 49 percent of American adults plan to get vaccinated. That seems a little low to me.

Finally, researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York say minorities and low-income people suffered the most as a result of the pandemic.

In one of the most detailed examinations so far of the unequal toll levied on communities of color by the pandemic, researchers at the New York Fed illustrated in a series of blog posts here the various setbacks low-wage workers faced during the crisis - and showed how soaring infection rates during the winter months again disproportionately hurt those same workers. [...]

Low-wage workers, including many women and minority workers, accounted for the vast majority of the job losses during the crisis and are facing a slower recovery, the researchers said.

I think we already knew this, but there it is.