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N.C. Republicans Experiencing The Good Life

It’ll be interesting to see where all the little Republican Congresscritters scurry off to during their well-unearned recess, but if this past week is any indication, the exclusive destinations for constituency outreach could be wondrously magical, like, The Carolina Country Club, which isn’t as squalid as it sounds:


Think Progress:

$10,000 will buy you 12 tickets to a VIP reception honoring North Carolina lawmakers who just voted to tack abortion restrictions onto a motorcycle safety billand to enact the most aggressive voter suppression law in the nation. Don’t have that much money lying around? That’s fine, the North Carolina Republican House Caucus Leadership fund is selling tickets to anupcoming country club fundraiser for as little as $150.

One group you probably will not see at this event, however, is black people.

That’s because the venue for this Republican fundraiser, the Carolina County Club in Raleigh, NC, just admitted its first African American members this month. Their first black members, an energy executive and her husband, reportedly are the first black people admitted to the club in its entire 103-year history.

At least they’re not there plotting the overthrow of the U.S. government, right?