NASA Bombarded With Doomsday Questions

So, NASA started a website called, Ask an Astrobiologist, and since then, the website reports they are now devoted to tearing their hair out in a maddening decline toward dementia nearly full-time:

Ask an Astrobiologist has received more than 5000 questions about Nibiru and Doomsday 2012, with more than 400 answers posted.

Questions like: "How do we know that the government and NASA are not covering up for the end of the world?" and, "is it true that on December 21 2012 that there will be a shift in the earth due to the sun and moon lining up?"

Turns out, these questions actually have answers!

5000 questions just like these! But not all the questions were Doomsday-related. Someone had the intuitiveness to ask a question on the serious threat of climate change!

Like, "In New York, we are suffering from Hurricane Sandy and everyone in our town are saying these are the signs of the end of the world!! are these signs of global warming or something else?"

Damn it!

Who knows how long it will take to drive NASA to weep openly in public for the future of intelligent life in the universe? but, Senior Scientist Of The NASA Astrobiology Institute, David Morrison, is fending off the 2012 Doomsday Zombie horde like a courageous pocket protector warrior with his back to the wall and the future of humanity at stake. After thousands of questions, he may be showing signs of cracking, seemingly trembling with uncontrollable frustration over the fact that there are so many people who believe this crap.

Fight the good fight, Science!

  • JoanOfSnark

    I’m probably WAY too late to post this …

    I have bald patches on a once luxurious mane from dealing with the Ancient Aliens gang (“But its on the History Channel!”).

    I HAD. IT. debunking right-wingers during the election and fact-checked them until blue in the face.

    So I guess it’s hand-in-hand that I am close to LOSING IT with the Ancient Aliens crew, so I went digging for some info to fact-check the pseudo-science crowd:


    Really, some of the linked peer-reviewed science articles are not for the feint of heart; but science geeks rejoice!!

  • Nefercat

    My questions for the kindly-looking and monumentally patient Dr. Morrison:

    Do you despair of ever finding signs of intelligent life on earth?

    Is the impressive restraint and courtesy in your answers belied in the no doubt password-protected draft of your December 22, 2012 column?

  • rob black

    As a concerned citizen, I would like to again re-state my offers made in 1999 and at other such times to those worried about the coming end of all things:
    Don’t let yourself be burdened as you prepare for the inevitable by such trivial matters as bank accounts, real estate or jewelry!
    I offer to remove those troublesome impediments to your apocalypse party, for grand sums of pennies on the dollar! Remember, easier for camels to pass through needle eyes and all that…..you really cant take it with you, so give it to me!
    After careful study of the Aztec calender, and a cursory viewing of the History Channel, I am absolutely sure this really is the big one! So hand over those petty earthly possessions that you wont be needing anymore. And if, by some chance, the earth doesn’t explode into cosmic dust at the appointed hour, I promise to give everything back…if you can find me. Promise!

  • H2 (erstwhile History International) is apparently doing a full month on the coming destruction of the world – Countdown to the Apocalypse, Ancient Aliens, etc. It’s interesting, but it’s presented (repeatedly) as plausible & possible and, frankly, I can see where some people give it credence as there never seems to be anyone saying “hold on a minute, this is bullshit”. I’m assuming they’re giving the shows as much airtime as possible as they’ll be useless after 12/21.
    Still, I’m kinda glad there’s a gov’t agency answering questions about it.

  • muselet

    Ask an Astrobiologist will change few if any minds, at least among the most committed Doomsday/Nibiru/ancient astronauts/rogue planet devotees. However, the project may make a cartoon lightbulb go on over the heads of a few of the less loony.

    I’d pay good money to read the first drafts of Dr. Morrison’s answers. I imagine them to be bitingly sarcastic and filled with copious obscenity (I know mine would be).

    And I’m with you, Mr. Brink: Fight the good fight, Science!


  • No one could have predicted an onslaught of inane questions from Merkins. NO ONE.