The Media

NBC: Your ethical ratings stink, too

I'm on a Jane Hamsher kick today, and she has a great piece about how NBC employs neocon co-conspirators Russert, Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews. She nails the unethical coziness these heads-with-mics have had with the soon-to-be-indicted Libby, Rove and Cheney.

NBC has a lot of well-publicized problems. Surface. Joey. E-Ring. The low-ratings/creative-death problems. But those pale in comparison to their employees' involvement in Traitorgate. How much did these relatively unimpressive people -- Russert, Mitchell, and Matthews -- know that 1) helped make a case for invading Iraq and 2) helped stave off bad news until after Bush was "re-elected"?

Oh, and also, all three people are annoying. I mean avoid-at-a-dinner-party annoying. The braying voices, the preening grins, the horrible hair. But their voices and manner are doubtless just outward manifestations of their twisted and sad little hearts.