White House

Need a Spokesman? Bring Out Cheney!

Cheney has once again emerged from Minas Morgul:

Just days after Obama shook hands and received a gift from Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Cheney called the images of the encounter "not helpful." "I think it sets the wrong standard," Cheney added.

"The president's got to provide leadership and I don't want to be in a position where you don't interact with your adversaries. I think you do need to do that but I think it's got to be done properly. It's got to be done under the right conditions."

Yes because Dick Cheney is a leadership wizard whose actions didn't all but doom his party to desperate obscurity and send his country into the throes of a deep recession. If they keep wheeling out Limbaugh and Cheney as their spokesmen, we should probably consider that perhaps the Republicans are deliberately self-destructing.