Election 2016

Neo-Con Group Launches Attack Ads Against Born Again Neo-Con Rand Paul

Even though he has done his best to prove that he's one of them now, a neo-con nonprofit is launching a series of attack ads against Rand Paul that paints him as not quite hawkish enough.

The ads will go live today just as Rand son of Ron kicks off his presidential campaign.

The Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, a 501(c)(4) group led by veteran Republican operative Rick Reed, will go live with its campaign against Paul on Tuesday, while the senator is in Louisville, Kentucky, announcing his presidential candidacy. The group will begin airing ads on broadcast TV, cable and the Web in several early primary states accusing Paul of being weak on Iran and tying him to the Barack Obama administration’s Iran policy, which polls show is deeply unpopular among Republican voters.

Team Rand has not issued a clear statement on the tentative deal agreed to between world powers and Iran, but if you've been following along you may have noticed that Rand has steadily positioned himself to the right of President Obama and Hillary Clinton and even most of Congress during the prelude to his presidential campaign.

No one in Washington D.C. is proposing a bigger increase in defense spending right now than Rand Paul. Paul recently introduced an amendment that would increase defense spending by $190 billion in just the next two years.

Last Summer Rand wrote a series of op-eds for various publications and appeared in interviews where he condemned President Obama and Hillary Clinton for being weak on Syria, ISIS, and Iran. He called for launching attacks inside Syria and has not ruled out the use of ground troops. Rand also introduced a formal declaration of war against ISIS.

Rand Paul can sell his soul and it won't matter because he's still Rand Paul.

The Schadenfreude is thick as honey.