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New Video Of O'Reilly Stalking Senator Obama

John Amato has new video here.

STAFFER (or SECRET SERVICE): Sir, sir, you do not want to do that.

O'REILLY: You sonofabitch. Yea, that’s really low class pal. That’s really low class. Everybody in the world can see it. Hey Senator, a word please? Senator, a word please? Senator, we came all the way to see you.

Low class?! Watching this new footage... It's clear that O'Reilly is stalking Senator Obama. If O'Reilly wanted to talk to the senator he could invite him on his awful show -- or funnel questions to one of the regular FNC pool reporters. O'Reilly isn't a reporter or a documentarian, therefore this tactic, which goes FAR beyond his personal MO (he usually sends interns to stalk people), is very simply the tactic of a stalker.

In other words, this isn't an ordinary citizen activist or filmmaker who doesn't have access and, hence, is taking extraordinary steps to demand answers from a public official. This is a man who has a nightly primetime talk show and an entire "news" organization at his disposal. So this can be nothing else than what it appears: a psychotic assault.