Nice Things and Why We Can’t Have Them

Although the United States was the world’s biggest polluter until recent years when China overtook us, both candidates running for West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District seat insist reversing climate change is “not our problem.”

It’s not our problem,” Casey [D] reportedly said, adding that it was an international issue. “These other people think we’ve got a global problem, let’s see them step up.”

According to the Associated Press, Mooney [R] echoed Casey, saying “there’s no EPA in China” to ensure the country is limiting its greenhouse gas emissions. On the contrary, China has a Ministry of Environmental Protection that works to limit emissions.

There will come a time when the rest of the world, including China, has moved beyond fossil fuels and American politicians will still be pandering to special interests.

Last month the Chinese government announced that it will place a cap on C02 emissions beginning in 2016.

If you are a Democratic voter or someone who cares about the environment in West Virginia, Casey is still the better option because while he may be bucking responsibility and pandering for votes in a Big Coal state, Mooney wants to go further and defund the EPA.