No, Trump Isn’t Dead Yet

Written by SK Ashby

Donald Trump is still favored to win the New Hampshire primary next Tuesday unless something very dramatic occurs between now and then.

According to a new University of Massachusetts-Lowell poll conducted after the Iowa caucuses, Trump still has a 24-point lead in New Hampshire.

He has the support 38 percent of likely Republican primary voters, compared to 14 percent for Ted Cruz and 12 percent for Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush ranks fourth, with 9 percent, while John Kasich rounds out the top five, with 7 percent.

New Hampshire’s Republican-leaning voters are also loyal to their favorite candidate, pollsters found.

This is inline with the RCP average which shows Donald Trump as a 21 point favorite in New Hampshire.

Many people have a wide range of opinions on why Donald Trump lost in Iowa, but I personally believe he lost because his campaign did not take the task of organizing seriously. That will not be as much of a hindrance in New Hampshire which holds a primary vote rather than a series of arcane caucuses that almost no one understands.

Trump currently has a 16 point lead in South Carolina and a 21 point lead in Florida according to the RCP average.