No Child Left Behind prompts cheating

A Dallas Morning News investigation has shown that Texas schools (the administration, not the students) in Dallas, Houston, and other regions have been allegedly cheating their test results in order to pass the accountibility mandates in Bush's ridiculous No Child Left Behind education program.

[The investigation] found, for example, that the fourth-graders at Sanderson Elementary School in the Houston Independent School District scored extremely poorly on the math TAKS test this year, rating the school in the bottom 2 percent of the state.

However, the school's fifth-graders ended up with the highest scale scores on the math TAKS of any school in Texas, with more than 90 percent of the students getting perfect or near-perfect scores.

Massive under-funding of the program aside, this feels like the beginnings of a major, more damaging epidemic. The consolation? The White House gets to joke about No Child in their Barney videos -- which, tragically enough, are designed for kids.