Civil liberties

No 'freedom' or 'liberty' for Gay America

Earlier this week, we noted a pending appeals court case in Indiana (article) in which the state's ban on same-sex marriage was being challenged.

Yesterday, while Mr. Bush preached to the world about freedom and liberty for all people, the Indiana Court of Appeals upheld the ban. The court opinion is shocking and sad:

An Indiana Court of Appeals decision upholding the state law banning same-sex marriage came down to the issue of natural reproduction -- not morality, religious tradition or gay rights.

The court ruled Thursday that the ability of heterosexual couples to procreate naturally is distinction enough to justify the law.

Full article from the Indianapolis Star.

I'm still trying to figure out how the hell gay marriage will disrupt straight marriages. If gay couples marry, will there be a decline in straight marriages? Is there, like fossil fuels which Republicans love, only a finite number of marriages available in the world? Questions, questions, questions. And the only answer is contained in the biblical book of Leviticus. Good source.

Meanwhile, Stay-Puft Richard Land was on NPR's "Fresh Air" (listen here) last night and insisted that the debate over the separation of church and state is over -- won by the religious right. Okay. Fine. Can we tax and regulate Land's Southern Baptist Convention now? Tax the shit out of them? Help pay down the deficit, perhaps? These shmendricks have no clue. Don't they realize that when you merge church and state it gives the state free reign to interfere in the church? Stupid, stupid.