Guns Idaho

Nobody Could Have Predicted

The inevitable has occurred following the passage of a law allowing for the concealed carry of firearms on college campuses in Idaho.

Local ABC affiliate KIDK reports that a professor at Idaho State University shot himself in the middle of class.

POCATELLO, Idaho – The professor who accidentally fired a gun on the Idaho State University campus shot himself in the foot, Pocatello police said Wednesday. [...]

Around 4 p.m. Tuesday, Public Safety received a call about an accidental discharge of a concealed weapon in the Physical Science building. A student said the gun went off in the middle of the class.

Police said the small-caliber handgun was in the professor’s pants pocket and was not displayed at any time.

Why do you need to carry a gun into the classroom? And why was it in your pants pocket?

If you’re that afraid of your students you may want to consider another profession; one that does not compel you to carry a loaded weapon in front of hundreds of young adults every day.