Nope, Not Racist At all

Written by SK Ashby

The above photo was the scene last night as President Obama arrived at his hotel in Oklahoma City.

via ABC News

In a crowd of several dozen people, about 10 of them waved Confederate flags as the president's motorcade arrived at his hotel. One person also waved a U.S. flag.

There were also some fans of the president standing in the crowd, including one person holding a sign expressing love for Obama.

According to local media reports, organizers and supporters of the flag rally said they "don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism" and they "believe it’s about heritage."

That argument holds considerably less weight (not that it ever held up much at all) as you wave the flag at the first black president in a state that was not part of the Union or the Confederacy.

The state of Oklahoma did not exist during the civil war. There is no civil war heritage in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma was a Native American territory at that time.

(AP photo)