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North Carolina’s Moronic Lt. Governor, Who is a Complete Idiot, Kills Irony Dead

I don't think this requires much of an introduction, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest says it all.

This man is an idiot.

North Carolina’s Republican lieutenant governor, Dan Forest, hit back at critics of his state’s new radical anti-LGBT law in a radio interview yesterday, saying that the state has been hit by “a pretty amazing smear campaign” when all legislators were trying to do was “protect women and children from predators and sexual offenders and so forth going into bathrooms freely.”

One might say accusing transgender people of being "predators and sexual offenders" would amount to a "pretty amazing smear campaign."

A smear campaign is ostensibly a misinformation campaign the likes of which Dan Forest and Republicans in the state legislature have waged against transgender men and women. They've accused their fellow citizens of being deviant assailants without a single documented case or shred of evidence that says they are.

Lieutenant Governor Forest doesn't appear to have the slightest inkling that is he accusing innocent people of being criminal predators while complaining that his state has been "smeared."

While Forest may be incapable of recognizing the cognitive dissonance of his own words, it only got worse from there.

The whole thing, he said, was the fault of LGBT rights activists and the Charlotte City Council, whose nondiscrimination ordinance was overturned by the state law.

“They knew that the General Assembly in North Carolina was going to have to do something about it,” he said, “they were going to have to fight it constitutionally, but more importantly they were going to have to protect women and children from predators and sexual offenders and so forth going into bathrooms freely.”

Do words have meaning?

Lieutenant Governor Forest says the General Assembly was forced to pass an unconstitutional law (HB2) to fight a city ordinance that was entirely constitutional!

As someone who was unfamiliar with Dan Forest prior to the passage of HB2, I feel confident in saying he is one the dumbest men in the country.