Voter Suppression

North Dakota’s Voter ID Law Has Been Blocked

It's not clear to me what exactly is happening here, but a voter ID law has been struck down for the 5th time in recent days

Federal Judge Daniel L. Hovland issued an injunction against the law because it discriminates against Native Americans.

In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs argued that many Native Americans did not have addresses and that many tribal ID cards did not require them. The barriers to obtaining a required ID, they said, were high: There are no motor-vehicle license offices on reservations, and a significant share of Native Americans lack either the money to obtain an ID or the proofs of identity, such as a birth certificate or Social Security card, that are necessary to get one.

“The record is replete with concrete evidence of significant burdens imposed on Native American voters attempting to exercise their right to vote,” Judge Hovland wrote.

North Dakota joins other states including Wisconsin, Texas, and North Carolina that saw their voter ID laws blocked or struck down over the past two weeks.

The common thread among each of these cases is that federal courts are ruling that voter ID is discriminatory. We already knew that, but this many court rulings against voter ID in such a short period of time is remarkable.

This is purely speculation, but courts may be erring on the side of caution as the election draws near to ensure the integrity of the election. To allow voter ID laws to remain in place while still under contention could jeopardize the results.