Not Good Enough, Politifact

Politifact has walked back their ruling on Marco Rubio's "a majority of Americans are conservative" statement after Maddow debunked it using Politifact's own facts.

PolitiFact has revised its piece from Feb. 14, which found U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s contention that “the majority of Americans are conservatives” to be “Mostly True.” It’s now “Half True.”

NO! It's not even "half true." It's false by every measure. Not even a plurality of Americans are "conservative" according to Gallup. From Politifac's write-up:

For 2011, Gallup found that the largest group of Americans identify as conservative, at 40 percent. Another 35 percent identify as moderate, while 21 percent identify as liberal. [...]

In Gallup’s poll, the number of conservatives has never crossed the 50 percent threshold. So even though conservative is the No. 1 answer, it commands only a plurality, not a majority.

See that? 56 percent of Americans aren't conservative. Not a majority or a plurality. So to suggest that a "majority of Americans are conservative" is FALSE. UNTRUE. Period.