“Not much”

Written by SK Ashby

If given a chance to replay the past 10 months and do things differently with the benefit of hindsight, would he?

Trump was asked that question by the most friendly interviewer imaginable -- former Fox News and current Sinclair host Eric Bolling -- and Trump still managed to fumble the answer when given more than one opportunity to say something sane.

“If you had a mulligan or a do-over on one aspect of the way you handled it, what would it be?” Bolling asked.

“Not much,” Trump said. “Look, it’s all over the world. You have a lot of great leaders, a lot of smart people — it’s all over the world. It came out of China. China should’ve stopped it.”

When pressed on the matter he doubled down, again saying, there was “not much” he would change amid a pandemic that is far from contained in the United States.

Yes, we all know Trump does not believe in his own ability to fail even if failing is all he does, but this could happen again.

Four years is a long time; plenty of time for there to be another pandemic or some other national disaster that requires sound leadership or any leadership at all. If Trump is reelected, we could find ourselves in a similar situation in the coming years and there's nothing Trump would do different. He says so himself.

The next time could be worse. A second term of Trump would likely feature even fewer experts and scientists than it does now and more loyal yes-men, grifters, and criminals.

At least 40 to 50 million Americans will probably vote for Trump anyway even if he repeatedly shows that after 70 years on this earth, he's still incapable of examining his own actions in any critical way at all.

Reach out to friends or family who may be reachable and ask them to vote. There's more of us than them, but everyone has to show up. Make a plan to vote if you haven't already. Personally, I plan to vote in person on election day because my precinct is just down the street from my home. And I'm sure that's going to be awkward since I no longer even remotely resemble the photo on my ID, but I still considered it a better option than taking my chances with mail in a GOP-controlled state.