Open Thread

Not So Much


Artist - Tim Eagan

In other news, the largest food bank in the US, the Food Bank For New York City (FBFNYC), is running out of food because of budget cuts. It's worth noting that House Republicans said the cuts didn't go far enough. This is intended.

Meanwhile, I hate to pour on the bad news, but this might be one of the most revolting stories you will read all week. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) hired an "expert" who argued in court that a mentally disabled girl would suffer less from repeated molestation because of her low IQ. The good news is jurors were appalled and they slammed the district for far more money than the disabled girl's family was asking for.

Programming note... because of scheduling conflicts, my family is doing Thanksgiving tomorrow and Thursday so I'll most likely be offline until Friday. Have a good holiday.