Not-So-Secret Agent

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, 53 percent of Americans blame Trump and the GOP for the government shutdown while just 29 percent blame Democrats according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Meanwhile, Fiat Chrysler apparently can't launch the new model of their Dodge Ram 3500 truck because the EPA can't approve it while the federal government is shut down.

Finally, JP Morgan analysts are warning investors that Trump's government shutdown has made it less likely that his fake NAFTA deal will be approved this year.

“The governing relationship between the Democrats and the Republicans is clearly off to a poor start,” Hui and Locke wrote in a Jan. 11 note. “The current dynamic portends major risks surrounding USMCA ratification, which market participants do not yet fully appreciate.” [...]

Hui and Locke forecast a 70 percent chance that the trade pact is ratified in 2019, a 20 percent chance that talks “muddle through” in 2020 and a 10 percent chance that the deal collapses. While passage is the most likely outcome, JPMorgan warns that the process will be “noisy” and could see U.S. President Donald Trump initiate a withdrawal from the North American Free Trade Agreement in order to force a vote on USMCA.